Main Ingredients:

Bubble tea with the perfect amount of tapioca pearls is one of the most popular iced tea recipes without any doubt. The balls like pearls give you the feeling of chewing gums, it is stringy and bouncy.

You can opt for a milky tea or one without milk too. However, this recipe has milk in it. It can be an amazing drink, especially for summers. Its taste will definitely make you a fan, trust me!

Now, let’s look at the procedure to make bubble tea   

Boiling water and mixing the peals

Keep some water for boiling and after some time add some tapioca pearls to the water and stir it. Using a chopstick to mix the pearls will ensure that the pearls remain separated throughout the process.

After a point, you will notice that the pearls have changed their color, you have to stop the flame at this moment.

Mixing the tea

In the recipe, I have used Thai tea mix, you can go with any other brand as well. Keep heating the water and add 3 packs of Thai tea, then let it boil for some time. Once it is done, keep the tea aside and let it cool down for a while. 

Now, go back to the pearls, put them in a different pot, and pour some pearl water into the pot to make sure it doesn’t stick again.

Keep the pot on low flame and add some brown sugar to it. Continue to stir it all so that the mixture or the pearls don’t stick to the corners or bottom of the pot. It will take a few minutes to mix nicely.

Once the syrup becomes thick, this step is done! Now, shift the tea in a jar and place it in a refrigerator to make it cold.

Now, some milk and other ingredients 

After some time, pour the chilled tea into a glass and add some milk to it. It can be condensed, coconut or oat milk as well, it depends on your choice.

To make it a bit sweeter, you can add condensed milk, brown sugar, or honey to it too.

Next, take another glass, add some of the pearls to it and cover the sides with the syrup. Put some ice cubes in the glass and pour the tea over it. Finally, cover the lid and enjoy the bubble tea with a straw!

Happy Cooking!       

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