Main Ingredients:

Here we are again! Today we have got a very crunchy, scrumptious and easy to make recipe of moong dal pakode. It is a type of snack that is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent which you can enjoy during teatime.


If we talk about types of pakoda that are made in India, the versions are many, but onion pakoda wins the race by a huge margin. The moong dal pakoda consists of flavourful ingredients and process which makes it easy to prepare. A slight sprinkle of the popular chaat masala makes the taste go on another level.

These amazing pakoda can be served with schezwan sauce, tea, coffee, and green or red chutney.

A basic procedure of making these pakoda is to soak the lentils first of all and blend them. Add onions and herbs to it. Take some oil and fry the mixture as to make it crispy and turn into yellowish or golden colour. 

Health-conscious people can also use air fry techniques to consume less oil and eat healthy.

The difference between bhajiya and pakoda is that pakodas are crispy from the inside while bhajiyas are not! It’s soft.

Now, let’s look at my recipe of moong dal pakoda.

The backstage process:

You need to wash the moong dal a couple of times and soak it for around an hour for better results.

Next, make sure that you invested enough time to drain the water entirely. Now the dal is ready to be used for the pakoda’s recipe.

Step #1. Some preparations before the feast

In order to make a paste with the dal, take it in a big bowl and add salt to it. Next put ½ tablespoon garlic paste and ½ tablespoon ginger past in it. Now add some green chillies to it as per your taste… If you like less spicy then add just a few green chillies. Mix it all nicely until it becomes a perfect paste.

Step #2. We are almost there! 

Now, take a wok having hot oil as you heat it and put small pieces from the paste to the wok and fry them on medium flame to make them crispy.

This process will take quite a few minutes to complete as you will be able to see the colour turning to golden and that’s when you know that it is done!

There you go….

Your crispy and spicy moong dal pakodas are ready to be served with your favourite accompaniment. It can be green chutney or schezwan sauce! It can be anything and it will remain scrumptious…

Happy Cooking!  

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