Main Ingredients:
Makka Poha Turmeric Powder 
Peanuts, cashew nuts and red chillies Chilli Powder
Mustard Seeds Powdered Sugar
Sesame Seeds Salt and Oil as per your taste


Makai chivda which is also known as cornflakes chivda is a basically a deep-fried spicy delight with certain amount of sweetness and tanginess in its taste. Generally, it is prepared with yellow cornflakes or what we call makai poha in India, along with peanuts, cashew nuts, spices and curry leaves.


It is ultimately a delicious snack which can be enjoyed in the morning as well as an evening snack. The process of making makai chivda is pretty simple and won’t take much of your time. All you need is basic cooking skills and you are good to go!

Once you start eating this makai chivda as a snack, I am telling you! There is no going back! You will definitely fall in love with its taste and crunchiness. You never know, this snack may take over your regular namkeen snack.

There are times after the regular meal that we feel hungry and all we need is a few snacks. Or sometimes, we don’t need biscuits with the tea, we crave for something else, that’s where this Makai Chivda has got it all sort up for us.

We can have it in any way we want!

Therefore, in my opinion, this is one of those snacks which one should always have at home. Because it can take care of your midnight cravings too! Believe it or not, but it’s really that delicious…

Let’s get into the process of making makai chivda

Let’s get started!!!

First of all, take a deep wok and fry all the main ingredients including peanuts, cashew nuts and dry red chillies in oil. This will take a few minutes and once it is done, place them all together in a pot or whatever is available.

Next, you have to fry the makka poha with oil at high flame. It will also take a couple of minutes to fry nicely and after you have to keep the makka poha in a separate pot for now.

Take care of the essential ingredients

In the next step you have to take another wok, add 1 tablepoon of oil to it and then one tablespoon mustard seeds to the same. After stirring it nicely, you have to put one tablespoon of sesame seeds to it and cook it for some time.

Now, put all peanuts, cashew nuts and dry chillies to the pot having the makka poha. Once you are done with this, pour the mixture of oil, mustard seeds and sesame seeds to the pot having the makka poha.

Mixing… mixing, and mixing!

Finally, mix it all again as nicely as you can, add some salt as per your tastebuds and turmeric powder for the essence. Then put 2 teaspoon chilli powder to the same to make it spicy. If you love spicier, you can surely put more spoons of chilli powder to it.

Now add one tablespoon of powdered sugar to the dish to give it a slight sense of sweetness and mix it all for the one last time again.

And you are done! Great job… Try this quick recipe at home today.

Happy Cooking!         

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