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Winter is coming and what’s better than hot chocolate to have during these winter evenings? When all you want is something to calm your nerves and at the same time satisfy your tastebuds.

Beginners who just started learning to cook must try this unbelievably simple and quick recipe. All you need to invest is a few minutes of your time to get things done.

With less than ten ingredients, this recipe is something that you can prepare even its your first at cooking. My recipe of hot chocolate includes milk chocolate, dark chocolate, milk, marshmallows, and cocoa powder along with the perfect amount of sugar.

The whole combo results in the heavenly taste of this hot chocolate!

But what goes into the making of this beauty? Let’s find out in the steps given below on how to prepare the best hot chocolate at home during this winter season.


Follow the steps below…    

Step 1- In a steel pot, take two tablespoons of milk chocolate, add 2 tablespoons of unsweetened dark chocolate, 4 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder, ¼ cup of milk. Turn ON the flame of the burner and mix it all as you cook it.

Step 2 – Add 2 cups of milk chocolate as you let it boil along with the mixture of the above ingredients. Let it melt completely and transform into the delicious liquid form. Let it boil for some time and add two tablespoons of sugar to it.

This step also depends upon your choice, you can add as much sugar as you want or less according to what fits best for you.

Step 3 – Once this boiling process is done, pour the hot chocolate in the mugs, top the hot chocolate with some marshmallows or you can use whipped cream as well.

That’s it, that was our very own quick and easy recipe to make mouthwatering hot chocolate at home.

Happy Cooking!  

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