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For the people who have no idea about what a rasgulla is! Let me tell you, it is a very famous sweet in the Indian subcontinent. It is usually prepared by curdling process of milk, draining, and washing the rasgullas with water and by the end, kneading the dough to shape them like a ball. 

These balls are then cooked with a syrup which is prepared for the rasgullas in advance. The result is the mouthwatering sweet dish which can make anyone go crazy for its taste.

Here’s how you can prepare rasgulla at home.   

Take a steel pot and add 1 cup of sugar and 5 cups of water to it. Next boil it for at least ten minutes. Once it is done, let it cool for some time.

In a deep wok, pour one litre full fat milk and boil it to prepare the chena for rasgulla. After properly boiling the milk, let it cool before you add lemon juice to it for making chena. Avoid mixing lemon juice to the milk in between the boiling process.

After some time of cooling, using half a lemon, pour the lemon juice to the milk and mix it gently with the milk, do it as delicately as you can. Turn ON the gas on low flames and keep stirring.

After a while you will notice chena and water being separated in the wok.

In the next step, take a bowl, keep a strainer on it and use a muslin cloth to filter the chena and strain excess water. Wash the chena with again with some water while it on the muslin cloth in the strainer. This is done to remove the essence of lemon in it.

Next, kneed the chena to make it a proper dough. It will take around ten minutes to do this step. Once the dough is ready, add 1 teaspoon corn flour to it and kneed it again. 

After that, using your hands, prepare small balls from the dough and put them one by one in the chashni (syrup) that we prepared with boiling water and sugar.

Boil the rasgullas with the chashni (syrup) for few more minutes. Cover it with a led and let it cook nicely. 

In the end, take a bowl of water with some ice cubes in it and then one by one put the rasgullas in the bowl. It will wash the rasgullas nicely.

Finally, put all the rasgullas back in the syrup again and that’s it! Delicious homemade rasgullas are ready!

Serve these rasgullas in a bowl and don’t forget to garnish it with some saffron.

Happy Cooking! 


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