Pineapple juice is a must have drink in the summers. The thirst, the hot atmosphere and unbearable heat asks for a cool, refreshing, and wonderful drink. And what’s better than our very own pineapple juice?

There can be many recipes available claiming to make the best pineapple juice, but today I am going to share the easiest way to make pineapple juice that too under five minutes! Can you believe it? Just five minutes…   

But before we move further, let’s look at why pineapple juice is a must have drink especially in the summers…

Let’s look at these health benefits

The presence of Vitamin C is everything

All of us know pineapple juice as a tasty and tangy drink, but it has some really amazing health benefits. A cup of pineapple juice offers about one hundred and thirty per cent of the suggested daily quantity of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps in absorption of Iron. How cool it would be to just have pineapple juice regularly during summers and forget your worries about the absorption of sufficient iron.

Say “NO” to skin problems and “Yes” to quick tissue repair

Not just that, the presence of Vitamin C in pineapple juice helps in tissue repair. So you don’t have to worry about your skin health as well. It will take care of your bones and teeth too.

Do you know that as a matter of fact, pineapple juice strengthens your immune system and help you fight or prevent life-threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart related disease? Now tell me! Why should anyone not have pineapple juice?

A cup of pineapple juice a day, keeps digestion problems away

Yes, we have one more reason to crave for this fruit! Pineapple works like wonder for proper digestion in your body. It is because of this amazing enzyme group of Bromelain that is found in pineapples. It basically breaks the protein molecules down and ultimately it results in proper digestion.

This group of enzymes is proven to advance immunity of your body. This was proven when in a research, the scientists found out that there is a higher level of disease fighting white blood cells in kids who have a good diet having satisfactory level of bromelain in it.

Let’s get started with the recipe now

First of all, put the pineapple cubes or pieces to the blender jar. Then add ½ inch chopped ginger to it and some water. Now blend it all until it becomes liquid juice.

Next, add some powdered sugar to it as per your taste and blend it all again. Now, from the blender jar, pour the juice to a big deep bowl through a strainer to filter the juice properly. Then add ½ teaspoon black salt to it for tangy taste and 1 lemon’s juice as well. 

For more flavor and taste, add ¼ teaspoon cumin powder and mix it all in the juice for some time until it dissolves completely in the juice.

Finally, pour the juice from the bowl or jar to the glasses having the ice cubes already in them. And that’s it!

Your favorite pineapple juice is ready under five minutes.

Happy Cooking!


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