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If we ever discuss about the most popular desserts in the Indian subcontinent, there is no chance that we miss Rasmalai in that list. 

It is one of the traditional Indian desserts that the majority of people in India love to eat. With just a few ingredients, this is something you can prepare within a short span. I would really suggest you try this recipe if you are learning to cook these days.

Rasmalai is one of those sweets which people prefer to buy from sweet shops but trust me! Once you make it at home, you will not buy it from sweet shops. It’s really that easy to make.

If you are experienced in cooking and if you know how to make rasgulla at home, then you will notice in this recipe that the process of maintaining the softness and ripeness of rasmalai is same as in the case of rasgulla.

The recipe might look easy, but some people find it really tricky to make them utterly soft and succulent.

There are a few objectives for you as you make rasmalai at home:

Objective #1 Making soft chena

Objective #2 Proper Kneading

Objective #3 Boiling the rasmalai disc on the right level of flame and right amount of time. 

If you complete the above objectives successfully, the rasmalai will be perfect.

The process of making rasmalai includes three important steps which will discuss further in this post. These steps will make sure that the rasmalai is soft and the outcome is delicious.

Let’s see the steps in proper detail.

The boiling process

First of all, take one litre milk in a deep wok and boil it to make chena. After boiling, leave the milk for at least five minutes to cool it down a bit. Next, add lemon juice (of half lemon) to the milk and mix it gently. 

Turn the burner ON and heat it at low flame. You will be able to see chena and water in the wok in some time.

Separating Chena from water

Now take a bowl, put up a strainer on it, then a piece of muslin cloth and put the chena on the cloth on the strainer. You have to squeeze out all the excess water using the strainer.  

Wash the chena with drinking water to allow vinegar and lemon’s smell to go away.

Making a dough and giving it a shape 

Next, using your palm, knead the chena for some time to make a dough of it. Pull or cut out small pieces from the dough, shape them round using both hands and keep them on a plate.

Some more ingredients and you are done…

Now, take ½ litre milk and add ½ cup sugar or as per your taste. Cook it until it becomes a little bit thick and then put 1 tablespoon cardamom powder and some saffron. It will provide the desired flavor and color to the rasmalai. Boil it for a few more minutes, you will notice its color turning into yellowish.

Finally, put the malai balls into the same pot and cook it for a few minutes more and then turn the gas burner OFF. The firm and puffed Rasmalai is creamy and extremely sweet to ignore. Once it is chilled, it becomes heavenly in taste and melt in your mouth in no time.

This blissful recipe can be your first step to learn cooking, try it at home and enjoy the sweetness with your loved ones.  

Add-on tip – You can also use dry fruits like pieces of almonds for garnishing.  

Happy Cooking!


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