Main Ingredients:

Sabudana vada is another dish which women in the Indian subcontinent have while they are fasting. It is prepared with tapioca pearls or sago which is also known as sabudana in India. Other names for sabudana vada are sabu vada and deep-fried fritters.

The sabudana vada is consumed mostly while someone is fasting as I said before, as it is believed that the high carb quality will keep the body boosted during the daytime and you will easily go through the day.

But if you look at facts, then this is one of those highly processed dishes which are overloaded with carbs, but have very less amount of essential nutrients in it.

Generally, you can consider it as a snack. The process of preparing it is easy and really quick. You don’t have to put your whole day’s efforts to make this one dish. 

This is what makes it one of the most preferred dishes for breakfast as well. Although you can have it any time you want but having it in breakfast will surely make your day much better. That’s what this delicious dish can do to you! You can trust me on this.

Let’s get to the process of cooking Sabudana Vada.   

How do you make it at home?

Take a bowl and 5-6 boiled potatoes and nicely grate them. Now, add 1 cup soaked sabudana to it. Next, add coriander, 1 Teaspoon ginger paste, 2 crushed green chillies, 1 teaspoon roasted cumin powder and some salt as per your taste and preference. Finally add Lemon juice and ½ teaspoon black pepper powder.

Mix it all until it becomes the perfect mixture of every ingredient. Take a steel plate/dish with some oil already applied to it. Now using your hands, cut out a piece from the mixture and shape it like a flattened oval. The shape is very much similar to Idli, I’m sure now you got that!

Make as many oval shaped sabudana vada as you can from the dough/mixture. Put them in the plate and then in a preheated pot having oil already in it. Fry all these sabudana vadas in between medium to high flame for some time until their color changes to golden brown. 

That’s it! The scrumptious and crispy sabudana vada is ready to satisfy your cravings.

Happy Cooking!



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