Tomato salsa for nachos 

Main Ingredients


The lively and refreshing tomato salsa is something that you always want to have at any given point of time or at any family gatherings at home. This amazing recipe can be prepared just within five minutes.

Can you believe it? But that’s true! The following recipe is much like the Mexican style homemade salsa recipe. You can have it with nachos anywhere anytime.

What all makes this Tomato Salsa amazing?

Be it corn tortilla chips or some crackers, this salsa will accompany most of it perfectly. The unbeatable balance of spicy and tangy taste in each bite makes it even more lip-smacking.

The presence of onions, coriander along with garlic and other ingredients including chillies makes it one of the most popular salsas in the world.

Simply everything about this dish is so amazing that it brings the good vibes instantly. So, that’s why this time we though of sharing this quick and easy recipe to prepare tomato salsa at home.

The following recipe will take only five minutes of your daytime and you will be amazed by the deliciousness of this dish.


So, here is the quick procedure that you need to follow to make the tomato salsa at home

Tomato salsa for nachos        

In a bowl, take 4 finely chopped tomatoes, 3 finely chopped onions and mix them. Add some coriander and salt as per your taste along with some green chillies. 5-6 cloves of garlic and some chilli powder. Add some black pepper and mix it with everything.

Put it in a bowl or a plate and that’s it!

For a sweeter version of this salsa, you can reduce the number of chillies in it and add some tomato ketchup for the sweetness. It will taste amazing and of course kids will love it.

Happy Cooking!

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