Main ingredients:
Rice Chilli garlic paste
Oil Vegetable Stock cubes (optional)
Chopped Garlic Buds French beans
Cubed Onion Petals Baby corn
Ginger paste Zucchini
Dry Red Chillies Carrot
Star Anise Yellow bell pepper
Water (750 ml.) Red bell pepper
Vinegar Green capsicum
Soya Sauce Spring onion 
Black pepper powder Corn 


There are days when you crave for delicious yet light and healthy food. This kind of food can be seen at home only, right? At the same time, it is a good thing to eat light food once or twice a week as it is essential for healthy living.

With the recipe that I am going to discuss with you today, you will be left wondering how there can be a better option than meat or fish for deliciousness. The best part is this recipe won’t take half of your daytime to be ready. It takes less than twenty minutes to cook and be served.

Veggies are always good for health and this recipe is high on vegetables. Be it kids or adult, this recipe is a total delight for everyone. The perfect balance of spice and sweetness, makes it suitable for kids and the presence of vegetables ensure that it is healthy for elderly people in the house as well.

Double joy

The recipe is simple, you can make it effortlessly, but apart from that, the best part of this dish is that it can be served as an accompaniment or even as a main course to eat a light meal.

Trust me, preparing an amazing rice dish has never been easy.

Let’s see how this mouth-watering dish is prepared.

Step #1. Getting things ready

Take a deep wok, put 2 tablespoon oil and heat it. Then put 6 chopped garlic buds and mix them well with the oil. Now put some cubed onion petals in the wok and mix it all again. Add 1 teaspoon ginger paste, dry red chillies, star anise to the mixture.

Step #2. Some veggies for winstrol profile bones and stanozolol a healthy meal

Add some water (750 ml.) to the mixture in the wok and cook it all for some time. As the water boils, add ½ tablespoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon soya sauce, black pepper power, chilli garlic paste and vegetable stock cubes.

Now, put some French beans, baby corns, zucchini, carrots, yellow bell pepper, red bell pepper, green capsicums, spring onions and corn.

Step #3. Avoid over boiling

Once you add all the veggies in the wok having the mixture, make sure to mix it nicely and cook for some time. Also, don’t boil it for too long as it will take away the crunchiness of the vegetables.

Some optional delights – You can also add shitaki mushrooms and canned mushrooms to this dish if you like. Some people might not like mushroom in this dish so they can skip this part.

Finally, cook all these vegetables for two more minutes, and then add two teaspoon corn flour (after adding water to the corn flour).

In the end, you need some boiled rice with star anise. The gravy of veggies and other ingredients will accompany the boiled rice to complete this amazing recipe of Veg Pot Rice.

I hope you liked this easy recipe. You can try making this recipe at home this weekend and see how it goes…

Happy Cooking!        


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